Cover art and details for R1 'Retribution' from Kiyoshi Kurasawa!

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Cover art and details for R1 'Retribution' from Kiyoshi Kurasawa!

I have been reminded this week that not all of our readers have the access to import DVDs or enjoy the benefits of all-region players. Nor may they have friends like Todd who program stellar international programs into festivals like FantAsia, FantasticFest or Toronto After Dark where you can see such films. So, I have to remember that not everyone has seen films like Kiyoshi Kurasawa's Retribution yet and any R1 release should be noted and praised. That is why I am a couple days behind on this, I would normally ignore such an announcement, but this news is for the benefit to those who do not have the access...

A few days ago Lionsgate Home Entertainment announced Retribution (Sakebi) will presented in anamorphic widescreen, with a Japanese Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround track with English and Spanish subtitles. Extras will include a Making of Retribution featurette, an interview with Director Kiyoshi Kurasawa, and an alternate ending. Available on April 15th you can get your hands on this dandy of a ghost story, a film we like quite a lot around here.

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