Von Trier's ANTICHRIST A Go?

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It's been a long and winding road for Lars von Trier's Antichrist. After a series of high profile experiments that won the Danish auteur international attention while making a whole lot of nothing at the box office von Trier announced that he simply needed to make a film that would make some money and that, as a result, he would make his much wished for return to the horror realm - his first work in the genre since his much loved Kingdom television series was cut short by the deaths of several of its stars. The fans were excited but the project got bumped by yet another bit of experimentation - the computer controlled cameras employed by the comedy effort The Boss of It All - and seemed to simply drop off the radar. It was revived - and in stunning fashion - when it was announced that von Trier had buried the hatchet with another ScreenAnarchy fave, writer-director Anders Thomas Jensen, who von Trier had previously been very publicly critical of and that Jensen would now be writing the script. And then it appeared to disappear once again with von Trier reportedly retreating entirely from his film work to cope with a severe bout of depression.

And now it seems to be on again. While von Trier's production outfit, Zentropa, is refusing to make any sort of public comments on the film at this stage, Antichrist has just been added to the website of international sales outfit Trust Film. The fact that anybody is selling this is a positive sign but when you consider that Trust is part of von Trier's family of companies, with very strong ties to Zentropa itself and thus privvy to all sorts of insider information, this is as strong a confirmation as there can be that the film is moving ahead.

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