Variety Publisher Names FANTASTIC FEST One Of Top Ten ...

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Well, more than a little flattered here, though obviously a good number of people have been more heavily involved for longer than I - and thus deserve to feel far more smug - particularly festival director Tim League. Variety publisher Charlie Koones gave an address at the International Film Festival Summit this week and, as part of his address listed what he considers the ten most interesting and exciting film festivals in the world right now. On that list? Cannes, Toronto, Karlovy Vary and ... Fantastic Fest. Not on the list? Sundance. Berlin. Venice. Tribeca. Pusan. Sitges. Zowie. We've just been placed in some very lofty company.

And for those curious, yes, the programming team is already hard at work on Fantastic Fest 2008 and the first block of invitations is already out. It's gonna be good.

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