John Bergin's FROM INSIDE Nearing Completion ...

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We've been tracking the progress of John Bergin's From Inside for a rather long time now, and for good reason. An adaptation of his own graphic novel of the same name, Bergin has been working solo on the animated version of his post-apocalyptic opus for years now and everything he has shared thus far has been simply stunning. We've run a series of stills, run the trailers, and made sure the nine minute short version made it in to the program at Toronto After Dark - where it was very well received - and now word has come down from Bergin that after two and a half years of his G5 running non-stop, the final scene has been rendered. He's not done yet - there's still the score and some minor tweaking to take care of - but it's basically there and the full feature version should be on the fest circuit in 2008. Check the trailer in the ScreenAnarchy Video Player below the break to see why this matters and visit the official website at the link below.

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