Tak Takes The Controls! Two Trailers For BE A MAN! SAMURAI SCHOOL!

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No doubt about it, we've got big time man-crushes on Versus star Tak Sakaguchi around here. The man's not a great actor but he's just got some crazy charisma to him that makes him eminently watchable in anything he does and when you combine that with the fact that he's increasingly letting his bizarre - and hysterical - sense of humor shine through in his roles and you've got something pretty potent. The guy's an entertainer through and through and we've been pulling for his first directorial effort - which he also scripted - to be a good one. Well, the trailers have just hit and it looks like we're in good hands. Be A Man! Samurai School! is the title, it's based on a popular manga, and it features Tak in full on ass kicking mode. Short and long versions of the trailer appear in the ScreenAnarchy player below the break.

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