AFM: The Proper Trailer for EYEBORGS Arrives!

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We've been tracking Richard Clabaugh’s satiric sci-fi picture Eyeborgs for a good while now and a trip to visit producers Crimson Wolf yesterday was rewarded with a first look - for me, at least - at the brand new theatrical trailer for the film including shots of stars Danny Trejo and Adrian Paul in action. The story of robotic security cameras gone bad is pure b movie but it's GOOD b movie and an awful lot of fun - Trejo has some hysterical lines - and, believe it or not, the producers are aiming to give this at least a limited theatrical run prior to the upcoming election. Happily, the new trailer has also been added to the official website so if you like your scifi with just a little bit of tongue in cheek, you know what to do ...

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Find the trailer here.

DrewbaccaNovember 6, 2007 6:16 AM

Danny Trejo:
"Silicon Psycho!"


"Binary Bastards!'