Weinstein Watch: À l'intérieur (INSIDE) getting no support from its distributor

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Weinstein Watch:  À l'intérieur (INSIDE) getting no support from its distributor

Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury's À l'intérieur (INSIDE) was acquired by the Brothers W just after Cannes in May. It screened at this years Midnight Madness Programme this year to the joy of all the ScreenAnarchy folk which gave it unanimous praise. After coming down off the high (or up from the low, you don't feel like fist pumping after this film!) immediate thoughts were how the heck will this thing ever get distributed? It is way out there in NC-17 territory in terms of body-violence. I even asked the directors when they were getting their 10000 screen wide-release for their 'family film' during the Q&A in Toronto. Their answer was that The Weinstein Company were giving the film a direct to DVD release. OK, now the film has the dubious branding of Direct to Video, but no matter, it's such a good little nasty, that a little hype here and there in the right circles and this should find its way into the hands of both gore-hounds and Hitchcock fans alike. But nay, the inside word (heh.) is that there is to be no advertising or release hype at all. This is sad. I hate to plug for a company that leaves so many films to wither on the vine. But you really should see this.

Also, our man Blake, who is in Sitges at the moment doing hookers and blow with Michael Rooker, Matthew Vaughn and Alex Proyas passed along confirmation that Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury are certainly involved with the Hellraiser remake on the go right now.

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CaterpillarOctober 10, 2007 12:21 PM

That's not surprising at all and while it's unfortunate I'm sure the film will find its audience anyway. It may take a bit longer if there is no promotion for it by the studio but what matters more are the reviews on genre websites and word of mouth by fans on message boards and the like.