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What's that? You're in Toronto but foolishly skipped the shorts programs at Toronto After Dark? Or perhaps you live far, far away and can only dream about attending such good and lovely events ... okay, I'll stop now. Point is that the shorts programs at this year's TAD have been exceptionally strong, particularly the horror block, and the lady-friend - who has seen every film screened at the festival thus far - is of the general opinion that animated short Dear Beautiful may well be the best thing she's seen so far. Well, for those of you seperated from the film by distance or foolishness here's a fresh chance, TAD shorts programmer Peter Kuplowsky having just dropped a line to tell me he's found the short online in its entirety. It'd be nice to have a larger version but this is one beautiful, evocative piece of work so head on over, turn the lights down and the volume up.

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