John Bergin's FROM INSIDE Making First On Screen Appearance, Finds Voice

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Two excellent pieces of news here revolving around John Bergin's From Inside, the post apocalyptic animated feature adapted by Bergin from his own graphic novel of the same name. We've beent racking this one for a good while now and there's finally movement on two major fronts.

First, while the feature version of the film has been going through the rendering process - always a long process made longer in this case because Bergin is doing all the work himself on his home computer - the search has been on for a voice actor to replace the temporary track recorded earlier and that voice has been found in Corryn Cummins. The vocal track has now been recorded which means this thing is just about done.

Second, we're gonna get to see it in October! Well, part of it, anyway. In addition to the feature Bergin has cut a nine minute short version of the film using the original temp voice track. I've seen it - it's sitting on my coffee table now - it's stunning and it has been included in the short film program at the 2007 edition of Toronto After Dark. So, if you're local come on out and see it. It's tasty, in a very depressing sort of way.

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