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Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury's À l'intérieur (INSIDE) was more than well loved around here: We worship that particularly nasty piece of business that has the good sense to lay on the intense suspense along with the red stuff. There is a rumour out there circulating that the pair of Frenchmen directors are in negotiation to direct the remake of Clive Barker's Hellraiser. Currently in development with author and writer/director of the original film doing screenwriting duties, this seems like an interesting match for the directors ability, and certainly there seems to be a recent trend of international genre directors making their debut with remakes or sequels (or remakes of sequels). For fun, let us just list a few (Alexandre Aja - from Haute Tension to The Hills Have Eyes; Juan Carlos Fresnadillo - from Intacto to 28 Weeks Later; David Moreau & Xavier Palud - from Ils to The Eye; Eric Valette - from Maléfique to One Missed Call; Nimrod Antal - from Kontroll to Vacancy; and of course the trailblazers in this department, Hideo Nakata From Ringu to Ring 2 (ahem. A remake of his own sequel) and Takashi Shimizu with his plethora of Ju-On: The Grudge films in both Japan and the US).

Like most horror fans, I'd rather some of the brighter talents out (and these two certainly qualify) there worked out personal and original projects, but the match here seems to fit well enough. Underneath all the circle-of-hell torture chambers and earthy body reconstruction, there is some pretty interesting family drama going on in there as well. If it lets these two talented directors play in a larger sandbox to work somethings out for their next original project, well then have at it.

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CaterpillarOctober 5, 2007 2:32 AM

This is one of the very few remakes I really want to see getting made. I like the original film a lot but I like the novella it was based on a lot more. I'm sure Barker did everything he could do adapt it on the shoestring budget he had but the fact remains that there were many changes and a lot was left out in the process. Even the underlying mythology is significantly different in the novella. There is not a single thing wrong with the cenobite design and the use of lighting in the film. The score is hauntingly perfect. The proto-CGI they used dates the film badly, though. I'd never suggest that a remake is a good idea simply because some of the effects are laughable nowadays but as I said above, there is a lot of stuff in the novella that never made it to the screen, not in the original and certainly not in any of the increasingly awful sequels. Clive Barker even made Kirsty a teenager for the movie version to satisfy a producer demand. Of course my support for this remake completely depends on having Barker deeply involved all the way as a producer and at least co-screenwriter. Without Barker's involvement I'd be vehemently against this project.

BlakeOctober 9, 2007 7:06 PM

They said last night this is indeed their immediate next project (among several others in the works after it). Will get more details when I interview them tomorrow.