Delinquent Girl Boss : Blossoming Night Dreams (1970), R1 USA DVD January 29th 2008.

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Delinquent Girl Boss : Blossoming Night Dreams (1970), R1 USA DVD January 29th 2008.

Media Blasters, their Exploitation Digital sub-label, seem particularly keen on Pinky Violence films right now. Ongoing at the moment, their 'Rica' trilogy is going down well for it's content - though I've not really picked up on what I sensed when trying out the first of the three, that the mastering is probably the worst I've seen on any DVD anywhere - and many are already happily declaring their interest in a further venture into the 'Delinquent Girl Boss' series which Panik House picked 'Worthless to Confess' out for their Pinky Violence Collection set.

Back then, as is remembered by some, Panik House said they weren't releasing a series - as these films often run for more than a few sequels if they went down well in Japan originally - but instead picking out their favourites from a slew of series. Now that the opportunity to catch more seemed to have passed us by, in come Media Blasters to pick up the torch, with what I seem to be able to discover was the first, known originally as 'Yume Wa Yoru Hirakua' (the previous film being the fourth - there may be a fifth also) and this does suggest to some we'll see the gaps filled here.

Who knows for certain? Well, they do, we don't, but we'll hope to find out in time. Let's hope - and I'm holding off on this one until I sense how it turned out - that the disc is a decent job and that the opportunity isn't wasted, as 'Rica' looked like one of those really heavily compressed files that could have come from some Japan-only DTO scheme as some studios have seemed to supply material for... plenty of similar stuff is starting to appear on DVD in Japan, so there could be new masters being done for that market which MB can dip into.

Synopsis from TLA Video, "After a life in reform school, Rika (Reiko Oshida) tries her hand at becoming a decent, upstanding citizen. But try as she might, she just can't get the hang of the straight life. She finds herself back in the big city where the hippie revolution has taken hold and psychedelics are the drugs of choice. Back on the streets, she meets up with her old reform schoolmates and becomes embroiled in an underworld full of gangsters and shifty kidnappers who have a taste for money and women. Now, Rika must rely on her two greatest assets — her beauty and her butt-kicking skills — to help her friends take brutal revenge!"

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JMaruyamaOctober 27, 2007 12:43 AM

Awesome news Logboy! I love this series and its star Oshida Reiko, who I think is the prettiest of the "Pinky Violence" heroines (she kind of reminds me of Sato Eriko). There were four movies in the series:

Zubeko Bancho: Yumei Wa Yoru Hiraku/Blossoming Night Dreams(1970)
Zubeko bancho: Tokyo Nagaremono/Tokyo Wanderers (1970)
Zubeko bancho: Hamagure Kazoe Uta/Delinquent's Lullaby (1971)
Zubeko bancho: Zange No Neuchi Mo Nai/Worthless To Confess (1971) 

The "Zubeko Bancho" series wasn't as offensive as some of the other "sukeban" films but it did have its share of nudity, mayhem and blood. The stories seemed to follow the same formula - Reiko is released from prison/has trouble adjusting to life outside/gets involved in some Yakuza dealings/loses a friend or lover as a result/prompting she and her friends to don crimson trench coats and samurai swords in order to extract revenge on those responsible/only to be caught by police and sent back to prison.

I hope Media Blasters releases the rest of the series as it would be great to have these on proper DVD. Now if only someone would bring over the female cop series "Playgirl" which featured a number of the Toei "Pinky Violence" stars like Oshida.

CaterpillarOctober 27, 2007 1:44 AM

Ah, I see. And all four of them were directed by Yamaguchi. I was getting them mixed up with Norifumi Suzuki's GIRL BOSS GUERILLA and its sequels/prequels.