Danny Pang is 'In Love with the Dead' new Film opens November

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Danny Pang is 'In Love with the Dead' new Film opens November

One of the Pang Bro's is at it again, a film that seems to have slipped us by, the film is called 'In Love With The Dead' and it opens in Hong Kong Nov 29th.

“Ming and Wai are a couple of happy lovers living together. Unfortunately, Wai is diagnosed with gastric cancer. Deeply in love with Wai, Ming proposes to Wai so as to accompany her in her last phase of life. Wai decides to quit her job in order to bravely enjoy her remaining days, but not long after, Ming is fired. In his attempts to find a new job, he meets a primary school classmate Ting who also knows Wai.

In a casual reunion, Ting finds out that Ming is living together with Wai and she tells him that she is also getting marry soon. Later, Ming gets the job and Ting becomes his new boss.During a business trip, under the influence of alcohol, Ming and Ting have an affair. It is finally discovered by Wai and she feels indeed helpless. One day, Wai suddenly disappears without a trace. Ming drives around to search for her and helplessly goes to Ting's home. Ting says Wai has come and talked to her about their affairs. The two women fought, Ting was hit and fainted, Wai then left. Ming continues the search, he hears on the radio reports that a woman has committed suicide by the pier. Ming is afraid she is Wai and he nearly hits a Truck.Ming returns home and finds Wai sitting quietly with an odd-looking. After that Wai's behavior changes, she always pulls down the curtain, doesn't go out and doesn't go for chemotherapy. She keeps loosing her hair and walks aimlessly around the flat after midnight.

One day when Ming is having a secret date with Ting, Ming feels that they are being watched by Wai. Later when he goes to a Gas station, the staff say Ming smells like corpse. In time, Ming notices abnormal physiological changes of himself. His hair falls out like Wai and most terrible thing is - he vomits dozen of living worms! There is a saying that sometimes a person can become a "living dead" without notice ones own death, if he/ she has unfinished business in the living world. So, what happens to the couple and Ting?

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