A Stunning New Theatrical Trailer For Turkish Horror MUSALLAT

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We've been following the progress of Turkish horror picture Musallat (Haunted) here for a few months now, drawn in by the simple but compelling story of a young family haunted and possessed. We've linked to a pair of teasers already, both of which present some truly moody and unsettling imagery all without dialogue, and today the film's effects designer, Cem Gul, dropped a line to point us to the new theatrical trailer freshly uploaded to YouTube. And? If the film comes close to living up to the trailer this thing is EASILY going to be the best Turkish genre picture of the past five to ten years. Easily. Zowie. And, as an added perk, word from Gul is that when the trailer appears on the official website in the next few days it will include English subtitles. Nice.

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