Toronto After Dark 2007: First seven titles announced!

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Toronto After Dark 2007: First seven titles announced!

Things are gearing up for this year's incantation of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival running October 19th through 25th at the Bloor Cinema in downtown Toronto. After sifting through 700 entries the programmers have chosen 14 features and 36 shorts to make this year's line-up. Of course ScreenAnarchy is an official online supporter and I'll be bringing some advance press later in September. So without delay here are the first seven film features for this year's line-up.

THE TRIPPER (Toronto Premiere), the debut film from DAVID ARQUETTE (SCREAM), is a psychedelic horror film featuring a star-studded cast (JASON MEWES, PAUL REUBENS, THOMAS JANE, JAIME KING) being stalked by a RONALD REAGAN mask-wearing psycho killer. From Korea comes AACHI & SSIPAK (Toronto Premiere) an eye-popping sci-fi animation that references some of the most beloved genre films of all time including INDIANA JONES and THE TERMINATOR. Look forward to plenty of sword and sorcery action from Russia’s most expensive film ever, the epic fantasy THE WOLFHOUND (Toronto Premiere). On the night of the OFFICIAL TORONTO ZOMBIE WALK the heart-pounding virus outbreak film AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION (Canadian Premiere) will be followed by the side-splitting zombie musical comedy POULTRYGEIST: NIGHT OF THE CHICKEN DEAD (Toronto Premiere) directed by Troma Studios’ LLOYD KAUFMAN. The gritty New York-set post-apocalyptic horror film MULBERRY STREET (Toronto Premiere) will be Toronto After Dark’s Opening Night Gala feature. And lastly there will be AUDIENCE OF ONE (Canadian Premiere), a hilarious documentary about a priest failing in every way to make a Christian version of STAR WARS will be co-presented at Toronto After Dark by the prestigious HOT DOCS International Documentary Film Festival.

Good stuff. I've seen some of these titles already so I know that festival attendees will not go away unhappy. We'll see you in the dark this October. You can read the full announcement here at the Toronto After Dark Festival site.

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DJensenSeptember 1, 2007 8:45 AM

Awesome! I'm back from Korea and hopefully I'll be back in Toronto in time for this! Had a great time at last year's fest. Automaton and Mulberry are complete surprises, I've never even heard of them.