Tim Lucas' Mario Bava book ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK finally released!

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Tim Lucas' Mario Bava book ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK finally released!

Just a quick heads-up for all Bava aficionados (and those intending to become just that), since I've just stumbled upon it myself - Tim Lucas, founder and publisher of cult magazine VIDEO WATCHDOG, has finally finished his massive undertaking of writing the definitive book on Italy's most important horror director besides Argento - Mario Bava. And when I say 'definitive', I really mean it - because ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK, released just a few weeks ago, comes with 1128 gorgeously filled full-color pages and weighs in at a hefty 12 pounds. In 800,000 words, Lucas details every inch of Bava's career, analyzes every film he made (and quite a few of those being films that Bava was never credited with), includes countless interviews with people having had the honor to work with Bava, and tops it off with tons upon tons of production stills, storyboards, and other kinds of artwork. That Lucas also managed to get Martin Scorsese to write a foreword for his book therefore shouldn't come as a surprise anymore.

ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK truly looks like an incredible work of passion about a director who never received the attention he so deserved. Of course, a self-published book of this magnitude isn't exactly cheap; expect to lay down $250 should you decide to go for it. Nonetheless, seeing as Anchor Bay is currently preparing to release the second volume of their highly acclaimed MARIO BAVA COLLECTION box set, and now Lucas' mammoth work, maybe we should call 2007 the year of Mario Bava - who, with all the posthumous recognition, is probably grinning fiendishly in his grave right now.

Check Tim Lucas' site for a peek inside ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK and a way to order it.

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CaterpillarSeptember 23, 2007 2:51 AM

That's just crazy but I'm sure the couple dozen people who'll buy this will adore it.

TheDougSeptember 24, 2007 4:54 AM

In my mind, the Bava book by Tim Lucas is "priceless!!!!!" Those in the know, pre-ordered this volume years ago from Tim and Donna and saved mucho bucko's!!! Well worth its wait and weight in golden research and presentation.

scovilleSeptember 24, 2007 9:28 AM

"Priceless" or not, I can't afford to spend that much on one book.

Joe6pakSeptember 25, 2007 6:12 AM

Jeez. I originally pre-ordered this thing yyyeeaaarrrrsss ago, back when it was $98. After impatiently waiting 3 or 4 years, I asked for my money back, which they sent. (disrespectful comment withheld) I told them I would buy it when it finally came out, expecting to pay $120. I see on their blog that they gave a little 30-day window guaranteeing that price before more-than doubling it. Of course, I discovered that information too late. (another disrespectful, offensive comment withheld) I don't care how big and gorgeous the book is, I ain't spending $260 on it. (offensive comment withheld)

impossiblefunkySeptember 25, 2007 9:49 PM

Wow. The release of this book is going to force my friends and I to change our vocabulary. It used to be that instead of saying, "When pigs fly," we would say, "When Tim Lucas's Bava Book comes out." Back to the pigs for now...