Trailer for Óscar Campo's OTHERS (YO SOY OTRO)

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Trailer for Óscar Campo's OTHERS (YO SOY OTRO)

Twitch, in association with, is now providing a downloadable trailer for Óscar Campo's Colombian sci-fi thriller Others (Yo soy otro). The movie was screened as a work-in-progress at the Festival Iberoamericano de Cine Cero Latitud in Quito, Ecuador on October 23rd of last year, in competition in the "Producciones en marcha" section. One Eyed Films Limited is the international sales agent for it.

As was previously reported here and there on ScreenAnarchy, the screenplay for Others was written by Óscar Campo (a.k.a. Óscar Campo Hurtado). The movie stars Héctor García, Patricia Castañeda, and Jenny Navarrete. It was produced by Alina Hleap (a.k.a. Alina Hleap Borrero) for ENIC Producciones.

Here's a synopsis for Others from One Eyed Films' website: "José, a systems engineer, discovers in his skin the signals of 'lytomiasis' - a mortal and strange disease that, according to reports in the media, has arrived in the city from the Amazon jungle. Whoever is attacked by the virus dies a few days after, as the body is totally covered by a second skin of voracious bacteria. ¶ Horrified, José tries to commit suicide. At the very moment of aiming at his mouth with a revolver, he is shaken by a violent explosion: a bomb in the neighborhood. ¶ That night and during the following days José discovers 'replicas' of himself, as if his burst, sick ego had multiplied itself ad infinitum in the city. All the replicas are infected with the same virus, and killing each other in endless fratricide fights. All of them are equally cruel in their attempts to kill each other, and each seeks to justify why the others should die."

Those who are interested in Others may also wish to read yesterday's ScreenAnarchy article "Trailer for José Mojica Marins' EMBODIMENT OF EVIL (ENCARNAÇÃO DO DEMÔNIO)"; One Eyed Films is likewise the international sales agent for Embodiment of Evil.

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