Look Out Toronto! Here's Your Chance At An Afternoon With Uwe Boll! ** UPDATE **

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** UPDATE **
Due to the high response to this one we've made some inquiries and can now offer double the number of passes than what we originally announced. Yup. We've now got TEN double passes to give away for this event.

Okay all you fine readers in Toronto, here's your crack at an afternoon with notorious director Uwe Boll. Boll is coming to town for a promotional screening of his shock comedy Postal this coming Thursday - that'd be August 16th - at twelve noon at Toronto's Bloor Cinema. And while the screening is certainly the centerpiece of the afternoon there's actually a fair bit more going on. Boll and Postal star Zack Ward will both be on hand for Q&A and Rue Morgue's Stuart Andrews will be hosting a bit of an on-stage program that'll see clips from Boll's much publicized critic-boxing bouts and from several of his upcoming films screened.

Want to go? How can you say no? We've got TEN double passes to give away and if you want one just {encode="contests@screenanarchy.com" title="email me here"} saying you want in on the afternoon with Uwe and we'll choose our winners Wednesday afternoon.

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CaterpillarAugust 14, 2007 12:11 AM

I just want to get drunuk with him, have him beat me senseless and take me to his hotel room for the night. Not necessarily in that order.

OpusAugust 17, 2007 3:02 AM

On a somewhat related note, Wired has posted a review of Postal, which was less than favourable overall, as well as some e-mail correspondance with Boll that is, well, typical Boll...


Collin ArmstrongAugust 18, 2007 1:14 AM

Dr. Boll's appearance at Dead Channels was a highlight - I suggest taking advantage if you're in the area. He's very down-to-earth and is really trying to drum up support for POSTAL among fans.