It's Video Cameras Gone Bad in Richard Clabaugh's EYEBORGS

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It's Video Cameras Gone Bad in Richard Clabaugh's EYEBORGS

Many thanks to Micah for passing along word on Eyeborgs, a straight up low budget b-movie revolving around killer surveillance robots starring Adrian Paul and Danny Trejo. Here's what he's got to say:

Hey ScreenAnarchy, I got the chance to swing by Crimson Wolf Studios the other night and see some rough cut scenes of Eyeborgs, an indie sci-fi thriller starring Adrian Paul (Highlander series) and featuring Danny Trejo ("Machete" from Grindhouse). The film is set in the nearby future. In response to terrorism, the US government sanctions the use of free-roaming robotic creatures to monitor every-day life. Initially the "Eyeborgs" discourage crime and are accepted by the general public. But a series of sinister events begin to unfold, bringing the robots' allegiance into question. Adrian Paul plays a Homeland Security agent who begins investigating a simple crime but realizes he's only at the tip of an ominous iceberg. The film has some topical relevance with ongoing battles against 'terror' overseas and electronic surveillance of the American public.

Now, the trailer on the official website is a pre-production concept reel designed to sell the feature and doesn't include any final footage or the final cast but it's enough to give you a sense of the thing and it's a lot of fun. Also on there is a mock Department of Homeland Security PR reel describing the creation of the robots themselves ...

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