First Teaser For Lee Myung-Se's M Arrives!

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First Teaser For Lee Myung-Se's M Arrives!

While Korea's Lee Myung-Se has been, from time to time, criticized for narrative problems in his films you can make a pretty good argument that the director of The Duelist and Nowhere to Hide has never shot an ugly frame of film in his life. Well, the first teaser for his latest effort, supernatural thriller M, has arrive and that streak continues. My god, this thing is beautiful.

Min-woo, an author, can’t write a line these days and frequently loses his train of thought. Sometimes he has an odd sense of déja vù. Mi-mi appears to be in her late teens or early twenties. She follows Min-woo wherever he goes, and seems to be in love with him. Eventually she gets a chance to sit next to him at a bar and talk. However, when she meets Min-woo again, he doesn’t even notice her. From a friend, Min-woo hears news of a girl, who was his first love whom he had almost forgotten, He remembers her name, Mi-mi, and also recalls sweet memories with her. And he realizes that Mi-mi had always inspired him and fulfilled him with ideas.
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Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

Ard VijnAugust 23, 2007 3:41 PM

Good news! After "The Duelist" I'll see anything from him. He makes the movie-equivalent of drugs in my opinion, they're shots of adrenalin and pure fun...

anton_esAugust 23, 2007 5:04 PM

same here. i enjoyed duelists for what it was. there's an option on the dvd to see it only with the score, i think that's the best version !