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Taki Corporation K.K. (K.K. Taki Kôporêshon) released Sven Pape's Hollywood Kills on sale DVD (THD-16191; NTSC, region 2, in English) in Japan on August 3rd, under the title "Ôdishon" (or "Audition", if you prefer back-transliterations); the DVD is available for order from CD Japan (Neo Wing K.K. / K.K. Neo Wingu). Shoreline Entertainment Inc. is the international sales agent for the movie.

As was previously reported here and there on ScreenAnarchy, the screenplay for Hollywood Kills was written by Nicholas David Brandt, based on a story by him and Regan Wynne. The movie stars Dominic Keating as Francis Fenway, Happy Mahaney as James Dell, Angela DiMarco as Sarah Dell, Mathew Scollon as Vaughn Mason, Gillian Shure as Chantelle Sholay, Todd Duffey as Ken Vincent, Zack Ward as Nate Folds, Marco Khan as the Assistant, and Eric Bruskotter as Mr. Monroe. The Fantasy Twins - Erica and Lisa Kim - make their feature debut in it.

Here's a synopsis for Hollywood Kills from the MySpace official page for the movie: "JAMES DELL and VAUGHN MASON, two straight-shooting Texas cousins, arrive in Hollywood to visit SARAH DELL, James' younger sister who moved to Hollywood in an effort to start her career. Almost immediately, James and Vaughn view the odd surface of 'Hollyweird' in contrast to the normality of home. Vaughn becomes smitten with Sarah's roommate CHANTELLE SHOLAY, a bombshell unafraid of sleeping her way into a leading role. Chantelle is put off by the 'uncultured' behavior of their visitors. ¶ While out for a night on the town, the foursome's path crosses two young Hollywood players, KEN VINCENT and NATE FOLDS, who promise to let them in on a secret Hollywood club. What they don't know is that both Ken and Nate are in the employ of FRANCIS FENWAY, once a Hollywood player in his own right, but whose ego and narcissism drove a wedge between himself and the studio system. Being made an outcast has not had a positive effect on Fenway's tenuous grip on sanity and he's created a new breed of filmmaking, 'Horror Reality', and has lined up James, Sarah, Vaughn and Chantelle as his next 'stars/victims'. ¶ James, Sarah, Vaughn, and Chantelle struggle to survive in a world where reality is mutable based on the whims of a sadistic host with an ever-growing list of victims culled from those seeking success in the dream factory of Hollywood. The stage is set. The characters have taken their places. All is ready for them to 'Give it to the camera'."

Other movies that Shoreline Entertainment is the international sales agent for include Dan Turner's Experiment, Simon Hynd's Senseless, Paul Gagné's Blood Predator - Alien Attack, David J. Negron Jr. and Fred Calvert's Killing Ariel, Dominik Alber's Frost, Cartney Wearn's Pray for Morning, Drew Maxwell's Carnivorous, Simon Cathcart's StagKnight, October Kingsley's Dr. Fugazzi, Michael Winnick's Shadow Puppets, Justin Paul Ritter's The Corpse (in pre-production), Nick Cohen's Voodoo Lagoon, and Drew Maxwell's Guardians.

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