QuickTime trailer for Kenta Fukasaku's XX (XX (EKUSU KUROSU): MAKYÔ DENSETSU) -- a.k.a. "X-Cross"

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[Vidcap from the second trailer for XX.]

Twitch, in association with GOMORRAHY.com, is now providing a downloadable QuickTime version of the second trailer for Kenta Fukasaku's XX (XX (ekusu kurosu): makyô densetsu) -- a.k.a. "X-Cross". Toei Company Ltd. (Tôei K.K.) is scheduled to release the movie theatrically in Japan on December 1st.

The screenplay for XX was written by Tetsuya Ôishi, based on the novel Sono kêtai wa XX (ekusu kurosu) de by Nobuyuki Jôkô. The movie stars (listed order corresponds to order in trailers) Nao Matsushita, Ami Suzuki, Shôko Nakagawa, Maju Ozawa, and Hiroyuki Ikeuchi.

For more information on XX, see ScreenAnarchy's third, second, and first articles on it.

Those who are interested in XX may also wish to read the ScreenAnarchy articles on Tsukasa Kishimoto's Akôkurô.

XX trailer #2 (downloadable 10.2 MB MOV file)
XX official website
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Akôkurô theatrical trailer (downloadable 6 MB MOV file)
Akôkurô teaser trailer (downloadable 4.3 MB MOV file)

Akôkurô official website
Wikipedia: Ryukyuan religion: Magical creatures (see paragraph on kijimunâ)

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CaterpillarJuly 20, 2007 6:19 PM

Wow, that looks like absolute garbage. I wonder how long Kenta will be able to get work based on his daddy's reputation.

Ramen89July 20, 2007 6:38 PM

Horror's not really my kind of thing I must admit, but I don't think hes as bad of a director as everyone says.