Dark City Director's cut coming out! George Lucas Style

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I'm surprised that no one has talked about this yet, especially since Dark City has quite a large cult following. Well I was listening to Fangoria Radio and on there was an interview with writer/producer/director David Goyer about his latest film Invisible. In the interview he mentions that he had just been with Dark City's director Alex Proyas working on a brand spanking new Director's cut of Dark City, complete with beefed up special effects and a new and improved sound mix. Sounds pretty sweet to me. No word on when the disc will be released though.

Fangoria Radio is a pretty cool station by the way if you are a horror fan. Dee Snider of Twisted Sister fame and B-Movie actress Debbie Rochon are co hosts and talk to horror legends and celebreties and is an all around good times. Check it out.

David Goyer interview
Fangoria Radio

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