Astropia/Droks and Damsels poster art

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Astropia/Droks and Damsels poster art

Poster art for the Icelandic comedy/fantasy film Astropia/Droks and Damsels has been released and will soon be pasted up around down town Reykjavik. Click below to embiggen it.
As some of you might know this is Iceland's first forey in to the fantasy genre, although it doesn't do so in full force as the film follows a stuck up, ritch girl who loses everything and has to make a living working in a hobby store frequented by comic book and roleplaying nerds. Hilarity ensues as our heroine learns the game of roleplaying and the audience is transported to a fantasy world filled with orcs, trolls and elfs.
The film is set to be released next month here in Iceland.

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Dorks and Damsels trailer

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