Stefano Bessoni's FRAMMENTI DI SCIENZE INESATTE: QuickTime version of promo reel

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Twitch, in association with, is now providing a downloadable QuickTime version of the four-minute promo reel for Stefano Bessoni's Frammenti di scienze inesatte.

As was previously reported here on ScreenAnarchy, the screenplay for Frammenti di scienze inesatte was written by Bessoni. The movie stars Franco Mazzi as Dr. Bartolomeo Zacchìa, Raissa Brighi as Cassandra, Fernando Ripol as Nataniele, Raoul Ciannella as Tadeusz, Francesca Bove as Berenice, Angela Sajeva as Rebecca, Michele Baronio as Giona, Alberto Viola as Heliogabalo, and Daniele Pettinari as Moribondo.

Here's a synopsis for Frammenti di scienze inesatte from the production: "Dr. Bartolomeo Zacchìa is the headmaster of a medical and natural sciences school, where official subjects together with unusual disciplines are taught - for example, thanatology, apocryphal zoology, and taxidermic sculpture.

Zacchìa rents out an old house to some of his students he has selected with particular care, considering their nature and ambitions. Among these students are: Tadeusz and Berenice, a young couple obsessed with spontaneous generation and the creation of a human being from nothing; Nataniele, a researcher of angels who is grappling with an apple coming from the same tree that originated sin; Cassandra, a young victim of a peculiar case of apparent death; Giona, an artist who is fond of collecting objects and creating a Wunderkammer; and Rebecca, a restorer of old toys.

Zacchìa follows the students' inclinations with great attention, trying to support them in their interests. But the doctor is keeping a secret!"

Those who are interested in Frammenti di scienze inesatte may also wish to read the ScreenAnarchy article on Bessoni's Imago Mortis, which is in pre-production.

Frammenti di scienze inesatte promo reel (downloadable 9.8 MB MOV file - viewer discretion is advised)

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