Snuff (American Cannibale) released by NEW Entertainment World on R2 DVD

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Touted as the film that sparked the urban legend of the "Snuff" film, Snuff (or American Cannibale, as the German version was called) is one of the most legendary Grindhouse efforts of the 70s, a low-budget gore flick directed by Michael and Roberta Findlay. Originally a mere slasher film called Slaughter, it quickly became controversial when the film's distributor, Alan Shackleton, added new scenes to th ending, supposedly showing a woman being murdered by the film crew of Slaughter.

Blue Underground released the film in North America on DVD a while ago; now the equally reliable German company NEW Entertainment World has stepped up to bring a R2 release to the table as well. It's especially noteworthy because this DVD release not only contains the US uncut version but also the version released in German cinemas as American Cannibale. The latter differs from the uncut version in that the notorious final "snuff" scene has been cut down; to make up for it, American Cannibale contains replaced music and a few bits of added footage.

The DVD includes an English language track for the original US version; the American Cannibale cut unfortunately only comes with a German audio track and no English subtitles. Nonetheless, this should be an interesting release for fans of this film (I'm sure they exist...somewhere). It's available with three different covers - Check your favourite import store for this one.

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