Website and Trailer for Daihachi Yoshida's FUNUKEDOMO, KANASHIMINO AI WO MISERO AKA Funuke

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Here's an intriguing looking film slated to take its first bow as part of this year's Critic's Week in Cannes.

Daihachi Yoshida has been working as a commercial director in Japan for nearly twenty years now and the style developed in that world is amply evident in his theatrical debut. Minimalist though it may be the trailer oozes style and the story line looks like one of those distinctly Japanese mash ups: family dysfunction, death, manga, and aspiring starlets. Nice. Here's an excerpt from the Cannes synopsis:

Two sisters that just love to hate each other, a step-brother and his new wife caught between the two. This dysfunctional family will experience a life changing summer. Traumatic incidents, present conflicts, horror-manga, bloody family feud, are all a part of this passionate drama ...

Funuke Website

Funuke Trailer (streaming Flash)

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RonMay 14, 2007 3:11 AM

Anyone know the artist/song that plays near the end of the trailer?