Update on Albert Pyun's BULLETFACE, starring Victoria Maurette

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The official website for Albert Pyun's BulletFace is online, and on that site is a stills gallery for the movie. Also, there are a number of stills from the movie on the website of production company Sofia Films LLC.

The screenplay for BulletFace was written by Randall Fontana. The movie stars (listed order corresponds to order on cast page of official website) Victoria Maurette (she's also in Pyun's Left for Dead and Fabrice Lambot's Dying God), Steven Bauer, Jenny Dare, Morgan Weisser, Scott Paulin, Eddie Velez, Jeremy Parish, Zak Van Winkle, Francisca Riasa, Michael Bayouth, Crystal Green, Michael Esparza, Jade Sealey, Lilli Passero, Alan Abelew, Lydia Castro, Candida Condor, Rob Ladesich, Assaf Cohen, Jennifer Landa, Lauren Crisenberry, Jeff Hartman, and Damian Perkins.

Here's a synopsis for BulletFace from the production: "BulletFace is about a dirty federal agent (Victoria Maurette) who's busted and imprisoned in Mexico. She's given a 60-hour furlough to return to Brownsville, Texas to bust up the drug cartel that set her up - and which is about to bring a new, highly addictive drug to market. The drug is made from human spinal fluid... tapped from the living."

BulletFace official website
Sofia Films: BulletFace
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tharebMay 25, 2007 9:52 PM

Dude... why don't you just name this site "Sex, Death, and Child Porn?"

Is all foreign cinema this much shit?

SwarezMay 26, 2007 7:01 PM

Yeb we loves us some child porn here...and foreign cinema.

That crazy Pyun, Left for dead isn't even finished and already has Left for dead 2 waiting in the wings...at 92 minutes. That's thinking ahead.