The Vampires Are Coming! First Image From The Spierig Brothers' Daybreakers

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Oh, they tease, they tease ...

The film isn't due for release until 2008, they haven't even announced the cast yet but there it is in the Lions Gate sales booklet prepared for this years Cannes Film Market: the first vampire shot from Daybreakers. For those not keeping track this is the sophomore film from Australia's Spierig brothers, the duo behind the overacheiving little zombie comedy Undead a few years back. This one's a straight up horror picture set in an alternate future where vampirism has overwhelmed the human race with normal humanity hunted almost to extinction as a food source and the vamp population beginning to panic at the impending extinction of their food supply. Can you say social commentary? Even if you can't you've got to love the image ...

Click here to see it all big-like.

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Travis StevensMay 31, 2007 8:48 PM

I seriously hope they weld some crosses together for ultimate vampire slaughter...