Marché du Film: Mark Jones' TRILOQUIST

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Distribution rights for Mark Jones' Triloquist are to be offered for sale by American World Pictures (AWP) at this year's Marché du Film in Cannes, which runs from May 16th to 26th.

The screenplay for Triloquist was written by Jones. The movie stars (listed order corresponds to poster order) Paydin LoPachin, Rocky Marquette, Katie Chonacas, Brian Krause, and Bruce Weitz.

Here's a synopsis for Triloquist from the production: "In a seedy motel in Hollywood, a down-and-out ventriloquist with a creepy looking Dummy kills herself with a drug overdose as her two young children watch. The kids are sent to live with a perverted uncle who ends up dead. ¶ Turning eighteen, the beautiful and twisted sister tells her brother they will head out to Las Vegas so he can be a great ventriloquist like their mother was. The brother has never spoken since the death of his mother - the creepy Dummy does all his talking... and the Dummy seems to hate the sister. This weird 'trio' set out on Halloween night, and end up killing a young kid. The sister and the Dummy blame the silent brother, and he is sent to an institution. ¶ Months later, the sister and the demented Dummy break the brother out, and the three of them set out on a road trip. They kidnap a young girl so the brother can impregnate her, to carry on the family bloodline. Being hunted by the police, this desperate and psychotic 'trio' fall further and further into darkness... and the creepy Dummy seems to develop a life and mind of his own."

AWP: Triloquist

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