Trailer for Carlo Ausino's KILLER'S PLAYLIST - a.k.a. "Sulla lista del killer"

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Twitch, in association with, is now providing a downloadable trailer for Carlo Ausino's Killer's Playlist - a.k.a. "Sulla lista del killer" (Italian promotional title). Distribution rights for the movie are to be offered for sale by R.V.EN... s.r.l. at this year's Marché du Film in Cannes, which runs from May 16th to 26th.

The screenplay for Killer's Playlist was written by Caraus. The movie stars (listed order corresponds to trailer order) Kristin George, George Hilton, Emanuel Cannarsa, Patrizia Giangrand, and Lucia Valenti.

Below is a synopsis for Killer's Playlist from the production.

Key De Bernardi is a young policewoman who is granted her request to be transferred to her hometown, Turin. Her return is like falling back into a nightmare - the legacy of a terrible incident from her past.

Eight years earlier, after a night at a disco, Key's car ran out of gas; stranded, she was assaulted and raped by three men. A police commissioner who was on his way home rescued her, and subsequently became her friend and mentor.

Key's homecoming seemingly coincides with a rash of crimes that have no apparent connection between them. She slowly becomes aware that a serial killer is fixated on her, and has begun a morbid game with her that suggests that she is to be the killer's next victim. Friends and colleagues aren't of much help to her - one of them could be the killer. Only with the help of a psychologist will she uncover, little by little, the horrible truth behind the killer's fixation.

Killer's Playlist trailer (downloadable 6.3 MB MOV file)

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