Maurizio Lucidi's LA VITTIMA DESIGNATA (1971) released on R2 DVD

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Maurizio Lucidi's LA VITTIMA DESIGNATA (or THE DESIGNATED VICTIM in the US) has just received it's first worldwide DVD release as a R2 disc coming from NEW Entertainment World in Germany. Lucidi's film is seen as one of the most underrated gems in the Italian crime/polizieschi department, and this release should please fans outside Germany as well as it comes with a English audio track. The film's called ‘DER TODESENGEL' in Germany, so that should be the title under which your favourite import retailer could have it in stock soon.

The film stars Tomas Milian as Stefano, a successful leader of an advertising agency. Not satisfied with his personal life, he wants to separate from his wife Luisa (Marisa Bartoli). Unfortunately, all business matters run through his wife, so Stefano is forced to stay with her. One day, Stefano meets the mysterious Matteo Tiepolo (Pierre Clementi), who offers to kill Stefano's wife - only requiring that in turn, Stefano must kill Tiepolo's brother. He doesn't take the offer seriously, but when Tiepolo suddenly completes his part of the deal, Stefano becomes the main suspect and things begin to spiral out of control.

No word yet on whether the special features include English language options as well, but either way, this should be a must-buy for Italian cinema fans around the world. NEW are quickly making a name for themselves as one of the most reliable DVD companies for Eurocult flicks, previously having released films such as Tonino Valerii's SAHARA CROSS.

As for me, I'll try to get my hands on the disc as soon as possible and get back to those of you who're interested with a review of it.

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