Website and Teaser For Roy Andersson's You, The Living

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Swedish director Roy Andersson of Songs From the Second Floor and A Swedish Love Story fame has wrapped work on his lates project, a film titled You, The Living and posted a gallery of stills and a teaser on his website. There's nothing there in terms of a synopsis and the teaser is more of a behind the scenes reel than anything but it appears to revolve around mortality and the gallery of stills looks plenty tasty.

You, The Living Website

You, The Living Teaser (downloadable Quicktime)

Thanks to Niklas for the pointer.

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CinexcellenceJuly 6, 2008 1:37 AM

I HIGHLY recommend watching this film. I saw it earlier this year at the Nashville Film Festival. It completely challenged every conception of I have of humor. It's a brilliant film.