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Ooh. Hot on the heels of Wolf's post earlier this week about conceptual art being released on Imagi site we've received word from the folks over at Butterboom that a teaser trailer for Imagi's CG film Gatchaman was screened at the 2007 Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum, part of HK Filmart. From their memory they gave us this...

The trailer/teaser begins with a shot of the city at night, we see a lone figure standing on a protruding ledge of the highest building. He jumps. Head first, and then sails down the side of the building.

The camera twists from following him down, to the looking up at him as he is literally swan diving down the side of this tall building. He pulls out his wrist to show off the famous "G" watch and then with light emitting from the watch the costume of Mark melts (or "transmutes") onto him as he then begins to runs down the side of the building before kicking off, sailing through the air, goes through the opening of a helicoptor side doors and crashes through a window in another building where the Galactor army group start shooting at him.

He throws his famous boomerang, and it flips around and whacks all the Spectra bad guys' in the face before it freezes for a second on Mark's face 300 style, before it then continues with the manic action.

Another figure enters the frame and its Jason and he uses his gun to force-blast some Spectra minions into the walls.

Then we cut to the building stairwell where the Spectra guys are running up the stairs to the roof, but then one of them spots a bomb on the side of the stairs which goes off and then being pulled up through the smoke and fire like Batman is Princess - who also gets a freeze-frame with a wink and a 2-finger salute.

The camera then cuts to the roof and we see Tiny lifting and throwing the bad guys around. He is in his classic green suit but the camera is at medium length so we can now see more of the the detail on the suit. It looks like a mix between the classic outfit and the redesign from the OVA with alot of Batman Begins armor textured pieces. But it still looks awesome, for all you purists out there (Yes, I'm looking at you Alex Ross).

The next shot we see Keeyop bouncing up and whacking a bunch of the bad guys in the head before it freeze-frames on him in a typical Keeyop pose.

The team assembles together on the roof for the cool team shot and a face off against a lead Spectra bad guy - nope not Zoltar - but the reveal is, that there is some giant ship behind him being pulled in as a reinforcement against Gatchaman.

Looks like our heroes are outgunned until the coup-de-grace shows up as the Phoenix (Or God Phoenix) pulls up and the camera pulls back to a Mexican stand-off type shot. The Gatchaman "G" zooms in and reveals the full title: "GATCHAMAN"

I think I just soiled my pants.

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Ace HeckathornMarch 22, 2007 10:56 PM

Ahhhh I want to see the actual trailer. Anyone know where it is located?

James MaruyamaMarch 23, 2007 12:46 AM

Thanks Mack for the report! Those lucky guys over in HK! I'm also curious to see the clip/teaser (the guys over at ButterBoom mentioned that it was about 2 minutes long). I'm hoping that they don't use the American names in the movie and stick with the Japanese names (Ken, Jo, Jun, Jinpei and Ryu) although I'm not sure how they can pull this off with American/Foreign audiences. The concept art that Imagi revealed looks pretty good especially their proposed redesigned Phoenix which kind of looked like the Gatchaman II ship.