Von Trier's Antichrist Has A New Author. And It's A Damn Good One.

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Oh, my. Here comes a major collision of talent.

According to Screendaily Lars Von Trier will collaborate with prolific screenwriter and director Anders Thomas Jensen on the script for his upcoming horror film Antichrist. Two of my very favorite film makers in the world joinging forces? Unexpected given the sheer size of Von Trier's ego - an ego poked fun at in the Jensen scripted Clash of Egos - but hell, if they can make it work then TOdd's a happy boy.

Antichrist is an unabashedly commerically minded project from Von Trier, who has openly acknowledged that he needs to go out and make a film that actually makes money. I've seen all of the man's pre-Dogme work, right down to his student films, and find the idea of Von Trier making anything that the public at large would consider 'commercial' to be laughable in the extreme but Jensen does bring that edge with him, Von Trier has the technical chops to shoot some astounding film when he sets his mind to it, and his previous attempt at commercial horror produced the fascinating miniseries The Kingdom, since molested and degraded by Stephen King and US network TV.

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swarezFebruary 2, 2007 8:37 PM

Yayyyy! Fantastic news. I'm still hoping that Trier finishes the last part of The Kingdom.