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I'm a newcomer to Angel having never watched it in it's original broadcast incarnation. But the show is so creative, so fun and so far so good that as I approach the end of the last season it sems apropriate to review my favorite character in doll form. My understanding of course is that Season Five ends badly but there's a good chance I'm going to be watching and re-watching these episodes a lot over the years. They are that good. Of all the characters Lorne is still the one that makes my jaw drop. Besides the genius of offering us a demon as lounge singer (surely being the one is a prerequisite to being the other) the show then makes him a good guy and gives him the ability to “read” people when they sing. Oh…and he owns a karaoke bar where violence between species is off limits unless you mean the kind of musical violence associated with combining liquor and .lyrics. Always handy with a quick perspective balancing quip he often helps drag his fellow fear fighters out of the dumps.


First the good news; the likeness of Andy Hallet as Lorne is absolutely dead on and the figure holds about any pose you put it on. The costume and accessories are solid incorporating all the details that Made Lorne such a personality. Silver boots, ascot, and soft lemon suit are augmented with Lorne's beloved Sea Breeze, cordless mic, champaigne and bottle of magic potion that I think comes from an episode in Season 3. If I had one disappointment with the figure it's the paint job. The green is perfect but except for some detailing around the horns I'm really missing out on the spotting on the sides of Lornes face and foreheadthough there is significant shading throughout. You get a 12" figure display stand with a print of the Angel series logo and of course the figure and accessories can be removed without damaging the packaging. There's bound to be a premium format figure of Lorne offered before too long but I took this out of the box immediately and posed it as if Lorne had just delievered one of his inspiring grand finale's to "It Ain't Easy Bein' Green," or "Over The Rainbow." Premium format or not he's a keeper.

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J-DoggFebruary 28, 2007 9:30 AM

Man, season 5's gonna break your heart before it's over!