Mizuno Miki Is Matsushima Nami

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Ryuganji Film News reports that Mizuno Miki is to take the mantle of Matsushima Nami, heroine of the beloved 1970s woman in prison film series "Female Convict Scorpion". The four films produced by Toei studios featuring Kaji Meiko in the lead role spawned several remakes, none of which have equalled, let alone surpassed the original. Mizuno, who as a child studied Shorinji Kenpo and later took lessons at an action training school for actors, has exhibited her martial arts skills in "Senrigan", "A Chance To Die" and the Bayside Shakedown series. Featuring a multi-national cast, the film's dialogue will be a mix of Cantonese, Japanese and English. Shooting started the end of January in Hong Kong and will finish up in March. The picture is slated for release in Hong Kong in autumn 2008, followed by Japan, Taiwan and other Asian territories.

[Source: Sanspo via Ryuganji Film News]

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James MaruyamaFebruary 27, 2007 7:26 PM

Thanks for this news Jon Pais! I'm not sure what to think about the idea of yet another "Jyoshu 701: Sasori" remake (there was one in 1998). There's been so many "Joshuu" (Female Prisoner) type movies in the past -- Jyoshuu Amazoness, Joshuu Shokeijin: Maria, Sasori in USA, Joshuu 101-- and all have been done-on-the cheap with terrible stories. I'm a huge fan of the original 70's series with Kaji Meiko and liked the two non-Kaji Shin Joshuu 701 Sasori sequels. While the casting of Mizuno Miki is pretty good (she was great in "Senrigan" and "My Lover Is A Sniper"), I don't know if the story will be as great. My fear is that they make this into some sort of "Kill Bill" clone/ripoff/imitation as the story is very similar (hence the inclusion of Kaji's song in Vol. 1).

BrianFebruary 28, 2007 12:48 AM

Oops, typed ironically more than I should've there. :/

CaterpillarFebruary 28, 2007 2:26 PM

This series needs to just die. The same goes for the the Yakuza Wives series. It's like those two are competing over who can have the most insufferable sequels/remakes.