Marcello & Nicola Mercalli's THE DARKENING (IL BUIO INTORNO)

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Twitch, in association with, is now providing a downloadable English-captioned version of the pre-production trailer for Marcello and Nicola Mercalli's The Darkening (Il buio intorno). (Thanks to ScreenAnarchy reader Lodger for information relating to this.)

As was previously reported here on ScreenAnarchy, The Darkening is set to star Roberto Herlitzka, Claudio Santamaria, Piera Degli Esposti, Regina Orioli, Flavio Bucci, and Paolo Bonacelli. Sergio Stivaletti is to be responsible for its special effects.

Here's a synopsis for The Darkening from the website of production company Paco Cinematografica s.r.l.: "North of Italy. Guido, a ten-year-old kid, moves from the city to a small town in the country, together with his family and a newborn brother. Here Guido meets Tommaso, a kid about his age, who introduces him to a world made of superstitions and archaic rituals, where the line between folk tales and reality blurs. Tommaso tells him about the killing, which happened during the war, of three women thought to be witches. An encounter with Adelmo, a lunatic obsessed with witchcraft, and the sudden disapperance of a small kid convince Guido that witches are still in action."

The Darkening pre-production trailer (downloadable 2.5 MB MOV file)

The Darkening poster (see above left - 120 KB JPEG version)

Paco Cinematografica: The Darkening Trailer Park subsite

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