DVD: Daniel de la Vega's DEATH KNOWS YOUR NAME

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Maverick Entertainment Group Inc. apparently plans to release Daniel de la Vega's English-language horrAR (i.e., Argentine horror) movie Death Knows Your Name on DVD in the U.S. some time later this year, under its Creep FX label.

As was previously reported here and there on ScreenAnarchy, the screenplay for Death Knows Your Name was written by Demián Rugna. The movie stars Rodrigo Aragón as Bruce Taylor, Kevin Schiele as Richard Ian Patterson, Hugo Halbrich as Anthony Taylor, Mimi Rivera as Debra Miles, Verónica Mari as Melissa, and Patricia Gomez as Paula.

Here's a synopsis for Death Knows Your Name from the official website for the movie: "The story of a man who is about to know the origin of his own death.... ¶ Bruce, psychiatrist of the old asylum, makes a discovery that will change the course of his life - a human skull buried in the tunnels of the abandoned wing of the hospital a hundred year ago. ¶ Obsessed, Bruce convinces his father Anthony, who is a forensic anthropologist, to reconstruct the features of this mysterious corpse, only to discover that the skull has his face."

Those who are interested in Death Knows Your Name may also wish to read the ScreenAnarchy articles on (Demián) Rugna's The Last Gateway, Sergio Esquenazi's Winter Visitor (Visitante de invierno), Adrián García Bogliano's I'll Never Die Alone (No moriré sola), and (Adrián) García Bogliano's 36 Steps (36 pasos).

Death Knows Your Name theatrical trailer (downloadable 7.1 MB MOV file)
Death Knows Your Name teaser trailer (downloadable 2.1 MB MOV file)
Death Knows Your Name official website
Maverick Entertainment Group: Death Knows Your Name DVD
GOMORRAHY.com: Death Knows Your Name (w/ trailers, stills, etc.)

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