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A couple of months ago I posted a link to a trailer for the first Icelandic romantic comedy fantasy film, Astropia, that is slated to be released this summer over here.
The production company's website has put up the same teaser but also is showing some pictures from the film's fantasy scenes and they look pretty good. For those who don't remember the story is about a yuppie chick who has never worked a day in her life until her lifestyle is pulled right from her when her boyfriend is arrested for fraud and put to jail. Homeless and jobless she seeks out employment and finds one in a comic book store where she gets to know the eccentric customers and discovers the world of role playing. Real and fantasy worlds collide when she participates in role playing sessions and finally she can leave her empty old life behind her and begin her new one as an independent woman who knows how to take care of herself.
A few moments ago I got to see a rough cut of the final trailer and while it needs more work it showcases some really good looking fight scenes that were pulled off on a rather low budget. The final trailer should be available some time next week I'm told so I look forward to see the final product. In the mean time take a gander at the pics that feature the former miss Iceland Ragnhildur Steinunn in a rather sexy looking outfit, covered in muck and orcs blood. Nice.
The international name of the film is Dorks and Damsels at the moment , a title that I'm not crazy about but I guess it's the Dungeons and Dragons connections that ruled that decision.

Kisi Productions (Teaser and stills)

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DieH@rdFebruary 28, 2007 11:01 PM

Hahaha, teaser was great. Cant wait to se full trailer.