2nd trailer for Silvana Zancolò's THE ROOT OF EVIL (LA RADICE DEL MALE), starring Zora Kerova

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A downloadable trailer for Silvana Zancolò's The Root of Evil (La radice del male) has been added to the website of international sales agent Spotlight Pictures LLC; it's different than the one on the official website for the movie.

Distribution rights for The Root of Evil are to be offered for sale by Spotlight Pictures at this year's European Film Market (EFM) in Berlin, Germany. D.N.C. S.p.A. released the movie on rental DVD in Italy on November 8th of last year, and on sale DVD (PAL, region 2, Italian w/ English subtitles) there on January 17th of this year.

As was previously reported here and there on ScreenAnarchy, the screenplay for The Root of Evil was written by Giovanni Eccher. The movie stars Zora Kerova (a.k.a. Zora Ulla Keslerová) as Andrea Spiegelman, Giancarlo Previati as Valerio Spiegelman, Peter Shepherd as Andrea's uncle, Luca Elmi as Germano, Petra Keslerová as Sabina, and Lionello Gennero as the doctor.

Here's a description of The Root of Evil from the back of the English-language sales poster for the movie: "Andrea Spiegelman is a painter who experienced a terrible accident in which she lost her memory and half her face. Forced to wear a mask to hide her burned face, she lives her life scarred both on the outside and inside. Unable to have a social life, she seeks comfort with her husband in an isolated country house, inherited from her eccentric scientist uncle. ¶ In the garden of the house lies her uncle's prized possession - a lush tropical greenhouse. It is within the vastness of this expansive greenhouse that Andrea discovers her uncle was not simply an avid gardener, but rather a modern-day Dr. Frankenstein who was cultivating a secret breed of psychoactive plants. Andrea soon discovers the diary in which her uncle wrote down his experiences with the plants and the instructions to use them. Driven by her desire to heal her scars, she continues her uncle's experiments and eventually tests the plant serums on herself. The effect is beyond anything she has ever experienced - her body is propelled to unimaginable heights as her mind is torn apart. The fabric of reality soon dissolves into the mist of dreams. ¶ Andrea will discover that there are secrets in nature that should not be discovered, and worlds that should not be explored. 'The Root of Evil' is a journey unlike anything you have ever experienced, and a film you will never forget!!!"

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The Root of Evil trailer #2 (no dialogue; downloadable 6.5 MB MOV file)

The Root of Evil HQ trailer #1 (Italian w/o subtitles; downloadable 29.7 MB MOV file)
The Root of Evil LQ trailer #1 (Italian w/o subtitles; downloadable 8.7 MB MOV file)
The Root of Evil official website
D.N.C.: The Root of Evil DVD

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