Classic 1980's Cult Film Sailor Suit and Machine Gun Coming To English Subtitled DVD!

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Well, here's a fun piece of news ... IVL's contract to release classic films from Japan's Kadokawa Pictures on DVD in Hong Kong has already yielding some surprising titles and here comes another one.  Shinji Somai's Sailor Suit And Machine Gun stars then-teen idol Hiroko Yakushimaru - still quite active as an actress, seen recently in Suzuki's Princess Raccoon and Yamazaki's Always - as a high school girl named leader of a run down yakuza gang when her gangster father dies unexpectedly.  What's a girl to do but pick up a gun and try to lead by force?

A long time word of mouth cult title Sailor Suit and Machine Gun has had a bit of a revival on the festival and art house circuit lately and as far as I can tell this will be its first ever English subtitled release.  For those curious to check it out some kind soul has uploaded a five minute reel of footage from the film to YouTube.

Sailor Suit and Machine Gun Footage (YouTube)
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AcefaceJanuary 16, 2007 7:38 PM

A remake(TV drama)was made in Japan last october,with the cast

Masami Nagasawa,Shinichi Tsutsumi and Ken Ogata.

Yakushimaru was sort of an icon for my geeration.So was the director,Shinji Soumai,probably the most influential director of the 80's and in my opinion the most underrated Japanese director in abroad.

I watch this film once in couple years to feel the 80's,when Kadokawa Film ,led by the film tycoon Haruki Kadokawa,was the driving force of japanese movie industry.

Coincidentaly ,Kadokawa made a come back last year with controversial "Yamato",and his return is somehow connected to the

revival of the Japanese film industry.This february Kadokawa is going to unleash the Chinghis Khan epic.

James MaruyamaJanuary 16, 2007 11:51 PM

This is one of my favorite Yakushimaru Hiroko idol movies ("W No Higeki AKA Tragedy of W(oman)" would be a close second). Yakushimaru's theme song for the film is also great.  Has IVL released her "Nerawareta Gakuen AKA School In The Crosshairs" yet?  I hope IVL considers releasing non-Kadokawa idol movies such as Kikuchi Momoko's "Tera Senshi Boy" or Nakayama Miho's "BeBop High School" as those are also fun films.

logboyJanuary 17, 2007 5:43 PM

ahh. you mention cd-wow. they've had some of these IVL Kadokawa releases in the past, but they've had a sudden shift in policy / selection and they're generally not appearing to stock lots of the HK DVDs of interest lately - theyve missed 'memories of matsuko' and 'sinking of japan', they didnt have the last batch of IVL (masumura's 'a lustful man' - thats the one i remember, bought that) and so i've had to switch to and exploit the favourable exchange rate to the dollar we're having lately.

MomoNyoJanuary 19, 2007 9:51 PM

Hmm you're right logboy. I also noticed that they no longer stock Tragedy of W so something must have gone amiss. I really have to try DDDHouse sometime but for this time I think I'll stick to YesAsia as they've never let me down.