Bring On The Dutch Body-Hopping Ghosts!  Slaughter Night Hits US DVD April 10th!

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Pardon me if I feel a little burst of parental pride over this ... Dutch slasher film SL8N8 AKA Slaughter Night received its North American premiere - and second public screening anywhere - at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, a festival I programmed, and while I'd heard rumblings that some buyers were sniffing around it in the aftermath of the festival I'd heard nothing definite until just now.

Tartan Films have bought North American rights to the picture and will be releasing it on DVD April 10th.  Nice.

SL8N8 trailer (downloadable MPG)
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joey6666January 12, 2007 1:56 AM

What! No nationwide theatrical release? I'm surprised and shocked at the same time... All our attention should be focused on Black book then...