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The MySpace official page for Randy Greif's The Three Trials is online. As was previously reported here on ScreenAnarchy, the official website for the movie is also online.

The screenplay for The Three Trials was written by Greif. The movie stars Molinee Green, Max Herholz, Michael Q. Schmidt, Osa Wallander (a.k.a. ├ůsa Wallander), Sirena Scott, Budman Luv, Thomas Crnkovich, Valentine Snow, Peter Choyce, and Sasha Peralto (a.k.a. Sasha Peralta).

Here's a synopsis for The Three Trials from the MySpace official page for the movie: "Catherine witnesses the sexual encounter of the Father of her convent and the Mother Superior. For her 'crime' of being a witness, she is taken to a gothic cathedral (portrayed as a monstrous boiler room in a fire-destroyed building) and is made to confess, under the shady and powerful hands of 'The Fixer' and 'The Right Arm Of God'. She dreams of living in a lovely castle, and inhabits that dream, until she learns of a plan to sacrifice her because she has become an object of sexual desire for the rulers of the castle. With the help of her friend, Julia, Catherine escapes by sewing herself into the skin of the fox in the fox hunt. Surrounding the castle, in the forest, she encounters a furry beast who saves her from the hunters and takes her to live with him in a cave. As they fall in love, he becomes more human, but as he evolves, finally into a plastic surgeon, he becomes more cruel, but she insists on even more cruel behavior. It remains unclear as to whether these events are part of Catherine's own fantasy world, or, in fact, actually happening. Catherine is treated to small kindnesses and formal romance in between acts of masochistic perversion. In a desperate attempt to completely disappear into her lover, she demands for him to take away her free will and to live in a state of complete devotion. At the conclusion, Catherine is taken to 'the theater' where that devotion is put to the ultimate test in what becomes a ritual of transformation."

BTW, both Green and Peralto also star in Ross D. Seymour's Within, and Wallander also stars in Vito Trabucco's Live Evil.

The Three Trials trailer #1 (downloadable 10.7 MB MOV file)
The Three Trials trailer #2 (downloadable 11.1 MB MOV file)

The Three Trials official website
MySpace: The Three Trials official page
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Within large trailer (downloadable 18 MB MOV file)

Within small trailer (downloadable 5.3 MB MOV file)
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robixNovember 10, 2006 12:10 AM

Do we really have to see a crime scene photo every time there is horror news?

RahatNovember 10, 2006 3:11 PM

This is not a sight to see at 3AM.