Toronto After Dark Is A Go!

Founder and Editor; Toronto, Canada (@AnarchistTodd)
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This is my last piece of shill. I promise. Unless a last minute special guest becomes reality ... there's something mighty cool a'brewin' ...

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival launches tonight and will unleash cinematic mayhem, on the city for the next five days. For those of you taking my praise of the thing with a grain of salt - I am a touch biased, after all, check out the articles we had run in this week's Eye and Now, Toronto's two big free entertainment weeklies.

Tickets are still available and it's not like you'll be doing anything outdoors with the crap weather we're getting this weekend, so come on out ...

As a little side note to this, if you happen to send me an email over the next five days my response will likely be less than prompt. IT's not that I don't like you, it's just that I fully intend to be unconscious whenever I'm at home ...

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