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As part of our ongoing push to land Twitch correspondents in every corner of the globe we're very pleased to have just added a Thai writer to the mix. Expect to see Toffy posting under his own account in the very near future but in the meantime here's some detailed background on current Thai thriller 13 Beloved which we posted trailer links to here.

Story & Background:
“13 Beloved” is a high-concept thriller which adapted from a thai short cartoon “The 13th Quizshow” from “My Mania” series by Eakasit Thairaat. The Kaiju Shakedown is already provided a good premise so I’m not gonna re-write it.

Cast & Crew
“13 Beloved” stars Krisda "Noi" Sukosol a hyperactive Thai singer who famous for his wonderful voice and his stylish ballet dancing in the concert. This is the second film by Chukiat Sakweerakul a young award-winning short film director whose his first feature film “Evil” fail commercially but gain some good reception from the critic.

Sahamongkol Film International launch a medium promotional campaign which begin with the all-black teaser poster with only “13 questions 100 million baht” text on it. After that they they use the big banner, poster, sky train ads, tv ads, Newspaper ads, etc. as same as other movies but the special campaign which launched 2 week before the release date is exceptional. As we know that the director is an expert on short film, he make “12 Begins” a 30-minute film which tell us the story before “13 Beloved” and show it at the selected theatres and pay tv. As the result, “12” is the hot topic for moviegoer inside and outside the internet. The trailer for “13” also get great reception and become a topic on the weboard too.

The Reception:
The reception from moviegoers who post on (the most popular weboard in Thailand) and other general website is positive as mentioned on Kaiju Shakedown. Let’s say that 8 out 10 people like it. Many of them praise the outstanding plot which different from other normal thriller and satirically shows the true instinct of man. They also praise the director who can control the thrilling feeling throughout the movie and doesn’t forget to add some sense of humor which satisfy the target audience and made they feel that they aren’t tricked again by the trailer like many other Thai movie. But the plot is also a bad point since this movie is plan to be a trilogy (Yes, there will be “14 Beyond” next year) so many people who didn’t watch “12” complain about some confusing and unclear plot. Even for the people who watch “12” still left the theatre with queston mark on their face cause the director left many unanswer sub-plot in the movie which will conclude in “14”. So right now the weboard is on fire. Many moviegoer discuss about what will happen in “14” on many website. The violent and one disgusting scene is also one of the discussion topic. I won’t say that it is a good or bad point cause it’s good for the people who like it and it’s bad for the people who don’t like.

Box Office:
The movie generate 12 million baht from 4 days through not a very good figure ,but consider from the production budget of only 15 million baht, it should finally have some profit and the studio would greenlight “14 Beyond” soon.

Official Site

"13 Beloved" Posters & Pictures

Production Note (in Thai) & "12 Begins" Poster

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