First Review For Kurosawa's Retribution!

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It's not often that we point to off-site reviews these days but when the film in question is the latest from Kiyoshi Kurosawa, not to mention a film that I programmed myself for the fast-approaching Toronto After Dark Film Festival, I'll make an exception. Yes, I'm shilling to promote my own work, so sue me ...

Anyway, the review comes from Derek Elley in Variety, here's a sampling of quotes:

"After the lame "Loft," Japanese psycho-maestro Kiyoshi Kurosawa bounces back with "Retribution," a modern-day ghost story/serial-killer mystery that blends the helmer's typical ingredients of guilt, suggestion and waking madness ..."

"Throughout, there's a sense of the spirit-world pressing against the real world, like a face against a window pane, demanding retribution for a past wrong."

"The hang-dog Yakusho makes an ideal protagonist"

"a clever box of tricks that keeps turning the tables on the viewer"

"it's classily made, with the lucid colors and chiaroscuro lighting of d.p. Akiko Ashizawa keeping the sense of gentle dread bubbling away."
Retribution receives it's Canadian premiere October 21st as part of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. We're screening each film in our program only once and this film will be going straight to video in North America so if you want to see it on the big screen as it was intended to be seen, then move quickly to get your tickets.

Check the full review here. (includes spoilers)
Check clips here (YouTube)

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