The Dog Is Coming.  Glory, Hallelujah, The Dog Is Coming.

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Oh, this just made my day and very likely my week.

Logboy just dropped a note steering me here.  What is there, you ask?  A search engine that lets you search all international films licensed for release on DVD in Hong Kong within the last ninety days.  I've just begun searching, but right up near the top is Wisit Sasanatieng's Citizen Dog.  And yes, English subtitles are specifically included in the license.  Glory, hallelujah.  Hopefully whoever bought the Dog will also pick up rights to Tears of the Black Tiger and get that bad boy back into print somewhere ...

My review here.
Trailer and clip links here.

[Additional titles licensed:  Cory Yuen's Dead or Alive, Death Note, Dorm, Fatal Contact, Memories of Matsuko, Silk, Sinking of Japan, Gedo Senki (oh look, there go all of Disney's revenues), The Banquet, The Host, Time, Yamato plus many many more.]

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