Reminder : 'Reincarnation' Uncut R2 UK DVD August 21st 2006.

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Now, no mention of a USA release date at either the Cinema or on DVD as far as I can remember right now, the third of the J-Horror Theatre series is Takashi Shimizu's 'Rinne' (aka 'Reincarnation').

Following the R1 USA and R2 UK DVDs of the previous two J-Horror Theatre films, 'Infection' and 'Premonition' (which I avoided, don't need to have seen them), and preceeding Kiyoshi Kurosawa's 'Retribution' (due at Japanese Cinemas in the next six to nine months), Shimizu's large-budget weirdness is something I've been watching out for. I loved the last to arrive with English Subtitles (initially in HK, then set for appearances elsewhere soon after, not sure of the exact status on all that) which was Tsukamoto-starring 'Marebito', a film I easily pick as one of the best from the last year or so.

The contrast between the low-budget and large-budget approach interests me, as well as the idea of getting away from all the 'Ju-On' originals (a boxset of which appears on R2 UK DVD in October 2006 and an R1 USA DVD of the second of the films is due around then too) and 'The Grudge' remakes.

Still firmly in my mind is that far from the films being a Director-driven mood and feel, the system within which Shimizu works, as with all Directors, is for me a large part of how well a piece turns out. So, a reminder, since copies have already shipped in time for the official release on Monday 21st August 2006 in the U.K (and because you can buy it from and ship anywhere in the world), that 'Reincarnation' is coming - not seen any publicity for this release, no press release reproduced on certain sites, little discussion or general pointers to its' appearance, so slap that cash down if you're interested in this one... I have.

'Rinne' (aka 'Reincarnation') Pre-Order at on R2 UK DVD.
'Rinne' (aka 'Reincarnation') Final Theatrical Trailer Embedded in Quicktime at Apple Japan.

The following links from The Gomorrahizer's previous posts, links to trailers in the archives :

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Toho: Reincarnation production stills.
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Fangoria: "First Fango look at Shimizu's REINCARNATION"

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CaterpillarAugust 19, 2006 6:37 AM

Interesting to note that the cover artwork of the UK DVD sports an "18" rating but the BBFC website says they rated it "15".

logboyAugust 19, 2006 3:45 PM

doesnt really mean much - the artwork would have been provisionally produced for sites such as or months before the certification would have gone through : BBFC passed the film uncut on august 1st 2006 and they themselves have said to me in the past its possible to certify something just before release : a quick phone call, a confirmation of final certificate and the artworks away and printing... you often see TBC over teh certificates on artworks released so early, its only wise.