New Taeheung Collection DVDs Announced [Im Kwon-Taek, Jang Sun-Woo]

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When Taewon Entertainment bought Spectrum, one of the first things I expected to suffer was the Taeheung Pictures Collection, which so far has been wonderful. After all, older films on DVD do even worse than the already problematic sales of current films, so a new company probably meant getting rid of the former management's problems. Or so I thought.

The Taeheung collection seems to enjoy smooth sailing so far, although they're slowing down the output a little. After releasing the amazing 개그맨 (Gagman) -- which looks quite good, BTW -- the company announced titles for this August, and we have two very interesting films.

First is Im Kwon-Taek's controversial 1997 film 창 (Downfall), more famous for Shin Eun-Kyung's very daring performance than for essentially being the worst film Im has made in the last 20 years (but it's still pretty good). Second is Jang Sun-Woo's fantastic 화엄경 (Passage to Buddha), which finally adds another title to the list of English subtitled Jang Sun-Woo films. [DVD Prime]

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GoldLeaderJuly 26, 2006 8:15 AM

I was checking out Shin Eun-Kyung's filmography several months ago, and Downfall was one of the films that I thought sounded interesting. Glad to see it getting a new DVD release. I liked her in the lead role in My Wife Is A Gangster, and have been thinking of checking out the movie A Perfect Match too.

Thanks for the info.