Hui Buh: The Castle Ghost, a Horror-Comedy from Germany

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Think Casper for the use of a CG ghost character in a live action scene and The Hunted Mansion for its creepy set piece and this is what you can expect from Hui Buh: The Castle Ghost (aka Hui Buh: Das Schlossgespenst in German). Its a horror-comedy film clearly aim for the whole family to enjoy. I don't usualy care for family oriented films but the high quality of the production value has got me intrigued. The official site contains two teaser and two trailer in flash. If you want to download the videos in various format, go to the Hui Buh: The Castle Ghost subsite at Constantin Film.

The horror-comedy just open theatrically in Germany yesterday.

Official Hui Buh: The Castle Ghost site (Flash trailers within)

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